Contact Me

Contacting me is super simple. 🙂 However, please be kind and professional in your communication with me.

You can send me an email at:


You can write me at my PO Box:

Tashia H.

PO Box 963572

El Paso, TX 79996

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I received my first box, and everything looked good but they are a tad smaller, the dress is to big. I took the dress with me to wear to a special occasion over the holidays and it is too big. The necklace is beautiful but too tight around my neck. What do I do to send these items back there was no returned slip in the box. Thanks


    • Are you referring to a Dia Box? If so, there should have been a return bag in the bottom of the box to put the clothing in. Then you go online to your Dia account and go to something called Rate My Items to select you’re returning items. You should definitely let customer service know things didn’t go well. Hopefully, they will do another box. If you have problems,here’s the contact info for Dia:

      Monday – Friday
      9am – 6pm EST


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