Zara Clutch Crave

zara clutchI saw this clutch online at and I am obsessed. I visit this clutch every day online. However, I’m not sure I want to spend $79.90 on a clutch–especially with so many graduation expenses coming up. What should I do? Should I splurge or wait for a sale? (Does Zara ever have sales?)

This clutch is a really unique piece to add to my wardrobe and it could be really pretty versatile pick to go with jeans or a little black dress. Am I right? 🙂

Little Black Bag: End of Month Temptations

I saw some cool jewelry on Little Black Bag that I couldn’t resist. I just had to have these pieces and I didn’t bother to trade much. I guess with all this dissertation writing, you could say that I’m a woman on a mission and no time to waste. I can’t wait to see what these look like in person. Online they looked amazing and I could see each becoming an integral part of my accessories wardrobe. What do you think of my selections? What kinds of outfits would you wear these pieces of jewelry with? I’d love some suggestions.

tashia lbb 022813 1

tashia lbb 022813 2

Who’s Your Style Icon?

Who's Your Style Icon?

It’s not often that I am awestruck by a Hollywood starlet, but Kerry Washington does that for me. I love her dedication to philanthropy as well as her deep sense of commitment to the democratic process. I also absolutely love her sense of style -particularly in my new favorite show Scandal. Washington’s wardrobe for Olivia Pope gives me closet envy. Her wardrobe is everything I want…chic, urban, classic, and effortless style.