My Favorite TV Shows…


I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of TV, but I usually schedule in some time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to watch a few of my favorite television shows.

  1. Scandal is my absolute must watch TV show right now. This modern day Sally Hemming-Jeffersonian edge to an otherwise illicit love affair keeps me on edge with each episode. The dynamic between Olivia and Fitz is fire. If you like romance, politics, and mystery, you will love this show. It’s on the ABC network  Thursdays nights (check your local listings for times).
  2. The Originals is my second favorite show. [It’s a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, which used to be my favorite show until Elena became a vampire and everyone on the show became supernatural (even Matt) and began switching supernatural abilities faster than I could keep count.] However, The Originals is keeping me entertained because it interweaves the history, romance, and power struggles that originally (no pun intended) drew me to The Vampire Diaries. Plus, I really love Klaus Mikaelson. Not only is he fine (handsome), but he’s the villain you love to hate. However, secretly I pray Klaus is redeemable. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the New Orleans setting infuses the presence of multiple ethnicities into this hybrid vampire-werewolf storyline. You can find this show on Tuesday nights on the CW network (check your local listings for times).
  3. Love it or List it is my third favorite show, but I have no idea when the actual brand new show comes on. I usually catch the renovation and real estate antics of Hilary and David when I up late or on the weekends. I love how Hillary redesigns homeowners’ homes, but I’m drawn to the new listings that David shows each couple. They showcase the best of Canada and make me long to visit British Columbia again.  Also, Hillary and David have great chemistry; they manage to make me root for them both. I love home decor and I wish I could afford to design my home so elegantly.
  4. Lastly, Chopped is one of my favorite shows to watch on the Food Network. I have no idea when the new episode is supposed to be shown, but I love the creativity of the show. It always amazes me to see such surprising selections in the challenge baskets. I love to cook, but I got out of practice during grad school. This show really inspires me to cook creatively again. 


So what are your favorite shows to watch on TV? Comment below. I’d love to hear what you choose and maybe we’ll all discover a new TV show to love in the process. 🙂


Say What???

I am so confused. Last week I totally hated Captain Ballard and this week I want to hug him. Maybe there’s hope for Captain Ballard and Livvy after all. She’s definitely learning that sometimes the best advice we give others is the very advice we need to follow ourselves. When Livvy tells her client to end the affair he’s having with his brother’s wife, I wanted to clap. She tells him straight up, “Stolen Moments aren’t a life.” Finally, the other woman gets it. Fitz are you paying attention to this? And on that note, at least we know why Jake is watching Livvy. He’s not a pervert, he’s working for the president. Oh, joy!!! Way to go Mr. Fitzgerald Grant! You are now at the top of my hate list.

Seriously, what is wrong with Fitz? He’s using government resources to find out about Livvy’s personal life. That is so weak and just goes to prove he’s not over her. I laughed my tail off when Captain Ballard said Livvy wasn’t dating anyone right after she accepted a date with him. Serves Fitz right. I hope he burns up with jealousy. SMH…He really needs to grow up and fast. Especially since he’s stupid enough to trust Mellie with decisions in his presidency. This chick can’t even keep her husband let alone run international affairs. Fitz’s drinking and haterade is impacting his judgement in monumental ways.

In other news, at least Cyrus won this week. He beat Mellie at her own game and did it hellah swell. Mellie got what she deserved and the best part is she didn’t even see it coming. How in the world did Mellie think she could milk Cyrus for intel on how to deal with the hostages and feed that info to Fitz without Cyrus figuring it out? That is so laughable. Clearly, Mellie doesn’t realize who’s she’s messing with. If Cyrus is willing to have the man he loves murdered, the first lady is not a consideration for mercy. Mellie needs to stop trying so hard, but then she’d realize that she can’t win the game she’s trying to play. Men will love who they’re going to love and all the manipulation in the world won’t change that. Proof of that can definitely been seen between Abby and David Rosen.

Wow…Abby and David Rosen were heating up the car, the desk, and everything in between. Hmmm…David says he understands that their sexing means nothing, but did you see his face? That brotha was sprung big time and who is Abby lying to? Herself, apparently. She’s still in love with David Rosen and all these hookups aren’t going to change that. However, I wonder how long these love birds are going to be able to make it before politics interfere again. And as we’ve seen, Abby is willing to sell David out in deference to her job.

Overall, I’m worried about Livvy’s personal life and Huck’s mental stability. Huck is definitely the character you should want to hate, but somehow can’t. He’s like an ugly puppy–somehow there’s something loveable about him in the oddest way. Seriously, the writers of this show have done a great job of making a ruthless killer likeable. Go figure.

PS. Is it just me or are you worried about the longevity of Harrison? He’s a character that’s on the fringe of the show and needs to be better integrated.

So, what did you think of this week’s episode of Scandal? And can you believe we have to wait three whole weeks for the next episode? 😦

Any Victim You Can Play, I Can Play Better…

And the Oscar for playing the most wounded victims in The White House goes to Mellie and Fitz!!! Wow!!! Hands down this is the most confusing and compelling episode ever.

Can you believe these two? Mellie sold Cyrus down the river quicker than you can say amen and pass the peas. An even better question though is whether she sold Fitz down the river on his hostage SEAL mission. Or is this Cyrus’ payback for the shutout? At this rate, Cyrus can’t continue his delusions of presidential power if he has no access to the Oval Office. With that said, Fitz better watch his back because Cyrus is not a man to be trifled with or taken for granted. When a man has nothing more to lose…the sky will part and blood will rain. And don’t think for a second it won’t! Cyrus nearly had James, the man he loves, murdered so a president is nothing. Have no doubt that Cyrus is the ultimate Machiavellian Prince in that “Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”

On the other end of the spectrum, who’s this new guy on the scene? Captain Ballard…he seems like bad news for Livvy. There’s something about their chemistry that rings false and now I know why. He has bugged her apartment and all I want to know is why. Regardless of his reasons, this is creepy and oh so stalkerish on a whole new scale. Does Ballard know about Defiance? If so, I think Livvy may be out of her league with this one. As Oda Mae said in Ghost “You in danger, girl!” Then again, maybe this will be an opportunity for Fitz (if he ever forgives her and stops drinking) to play “captain save a hero” for Livvy. God knows she’s over due for her knight in shining armor.

Not so surprisingly, Cyrus has made Livvy and Fitz Godparents to his daughter. And you know Cyrus never does anything without motivation. Man, Livvy and Fitz were burning up that electrical room. Can you say “Fireeeeeeee?” I’m shocked the circuits didn’t melt with all that heat. However, just when I think these two are going to kiss and make up, Fitz pulls his “I’m a cold bastard and you wronged me” routine. Jeeesh. When is he going to grow a pair and stop crying. I’m so over his man tantrums. I was appalled when he told Livvy, “I may not be able to control my erection around you, but we are done.” What kind of trifling mess is that to tell the woman you supposedly loved and just moments before couldn’t resist sleeping with? Fitz needs a reality check quick, fast, and in a hurry. Clearly, Fitz fails to recognize the origin of his power; he continues to be president only because Cyrus and Livvy allow him to be.

On the Livvy front, this sistah better do something soon or else she’s going to be a victim (if she isn’t already) to her own passion. She’s in love with a man who is presently too selfish and egotistical to be capable of real enduring love. Fitz is a man who believes in fairy tales. He can’t handle the realities of being human and therefore being fallible. Unfortunately, the worst part of it all is that Fitz is a man full of insecurities. And I think we all know, insecurity and power are an epically dangerous combination. So, it’s becoming doubtful that he will ever recognize the sacrifice Livvy made for him and reconcile with her before it becomes too late.

Oh my, so many plot twists. Now David Rosen is on Team Livvy. This is sad and ludicrous all at the same time. However, I’m so glad Livvy put at least one man in his place tonight. I couldn’t believe this broke brother, David Rosen, asking Livvy how much he owed so he could be done with her. SMH…silly rabbit. I just had to laugh at his foolishment. So I was hardly surprised when Livvy replies, “You can’t afford me” and walks away.  Checkmate! I hope David left room for all that humble pie he’s going to be eating. 🙂

So, what did you think of Scandal this week? Are you dying to see the next episode like I am?

So, Verna is Justice…

OMG!!! This was the best episode of Scandal ever, but my heart is broken for Livvy. Where do you even start with an episode like this? I had a feeling Verna was going to sell Livvy out. Verna got her just deserts for a being an evil witch. She wasn’t trying to clear her conscious before she died, she just wanted to dish out a little comeuppance to Livvy.

And can you believe how fickle Fitz is? He can forgive Mellie for inducing her pregnancy and having the baby 4-weeks early, but can’t forgive Livvy for helping him, the man she loves and believes deserving, to get the presidency. Call me jaded, but men who “want to be good” are far more dangerous than those who have no desire to be.

Didn’t I say last week, Fitz would only love the easy version of Livvy? So now he wants to stay with Millie because she’s so “honest.” Really, Fitz? After all that begging you leave Livvy with nothing? See ladies…being the other woman sucks. (BTW: Doesn’t Shonda Rhimes seem to have a fascination with writing “The Other Woman” into her shows? Wasn’t Meridith, the other woman in Grey’s Anatomy before permanently landing McSteamy? You know what they say, people write what they know …hmmm.)

Anyway, I am so upset that Livvy’s one chance at normal (her would be life with Edison) is gone. I guess hell hath no fury like a President scorned. Relationships are hard enough and Fitz and Livvy’s is as complicated as it could possibly get. I heard once that “Love is giving someone the the power to destroy you and hoping they won’t.” And this episode of Scandal definitely tested the idea of this.

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode though. Now Fitz has secrets too. Can you believe he killed Verna just to stay President? Seems like he really is his father’s son. However, I can’t help being disappointed that he isn’t the once in a lifetime real deal “Jesus” candidate; he’s just a man who is more corrupt (if not more so) than this father. Nevertheless, it looks like Livvy won’t have to be lonely for too long and from the next show’s preview Fitz has competition. And you know men…they tend to want what they can’t have just for the challenge of it all.

Let’s see how long it will take for Fitz to come crawling back. And he will come crawling back to Livvy because the show needs the tension and generally men tend to be territorial. Further, Fitz wants to maintain the delusion that Livvy is his conquered territory. As such, I pray she makes him grovel for another chance. Hence the necessity for the dancing game that all men and women must play since being honest sometimes gets you mistaken for a fool. At this point, he hasn’t appreciated that her love for him is given so freely and easily. She told him in season one that he held all the cards and clearly Fitz has all the power in this relationship.

Oddly, though, breakups can be awfully freeing and empowering. And now, Fitz now has to learn a poignant lesson. He clearly doesn’t understand love (and maybe I don’t either).

However, the one character that may actually understand love is strangely the one I least suspected being capable of it. Cyrus finally showed all his cards and it’s good to see him human for a change. However, I was shocked that he was willing to have the love of his life, James, killed to keep him quiet. Cyrus was really walking the line tonight and I’m glad for once that his love overrode his ego and greed for power. Nevertheless it wouldn’t shock me that there’s a deeper darker reason for keeping James alive beyond love.

On the other hand, James apparently has a lot more cards up his sleeve than one would initially think and I can’t say I’m mad at his poker face. He lied to David Rosen like a rug. In the end, who wouldn’t do whatever they needed in order to protect hearth and home? James has stolen some of the power in his relationship with Cyrus and it was quite necessary. (BTW: I laughed my butt off when James made David Rosen look like a raving lunatic in the Grand Jury room and I ain’t mad at James for that.)

I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Can you?

Meh Episode of Scandal…

I got my dose of Scandal and I’m bummed. It was completely missing the romance element that has really drawn me over the last several weeks.

I don’t like watching depressing TV and I can’t believe Fitz is willing to jeopardize his presidency for Olivia. Even if Fitz is oblivious to the politics of race and matrimony in America, Cyrus is not and told him straight up that America nor the Republican party is color blind. Nevertheless, it looks like Fitz wants to push forward on the divorce (SMH). On top of that, Olivia is a depressed and emotional mess on this episode, so I can’t identify with her.

Mellie, on the other hand, is playing nearly the last card she has–having her baby early. I wonder if she bribed the doctor to induce labor…I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. I just hate her scheming nature, but I was kind of rooting for her since she’s in the 1st wives club.

I’m a woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage and although it clearly seems that Fitz and Livvy are in love, I am not on the band wagon that thinks all’s fair in love and war. Mellie helped build the man that Fitz is, even if he no longer enjoys the process. At this point, I’m really starting to think the bullet wound really did scatter Fitz’ brain if he thinks he can divorce an 8-months pregnant 1st lady and marry his black mistress. Clearly the character of Fitz has Jeffersonian delusions to think that this is going to fly and a near death experience will seem like nothing from the political/social backlash he’s signing up for with this course of action.

Mostly, what I wonder is will Fitz still love Livvy when he finally discovers her role in the election rigging. I guess it always easier to “seem” perfect when you’re the other woman. However, that shine’s going to tarnish fairly fast when the reality of the “real” woman clashes with Fitz’ illusions of Livvy. I’m still not convinced that what they have is lasting versus an exciting infatuation. (Though it’s a complete conflict with my values, I still love the romance between them though.)

Overall, this week’s episode was pretty meh. I hope next week’s episode is a lot better. I’ve got questions burning in my head and I’m dying to know whether Mellie’s baby is really Fitz’. Seriously, the way her character has been developed thus far, I wouldn’t put it past Mellie to have an affair, get pregnant, and pass the baby off as Fitz’ to keep him. I didn’t forget she faked a miscarriage to gain the sympathy of the public during Fitz’ election campaign. Also, I wonder if Livvy is really going to jeopardize her realistic future with Edison on the whim of a fantasy with Fitz. At the end of the day, Fitz is not really going to leave his wife and I’m not sure the show could function even if his character did. As an audience, I think we like that tension caused by that which is forbidden, imprudent, and taboo.

(BTW: it hasn’t escaped my attention that I’m writing about these TV characters like they’re really of major importance or even real people. LOL!!!)