Happy New Year!!!


Happy 2014!

Can you believe how fast 2014 arrived? I know I am. 2013 was such a good year. I finished my doctorate, hiked through Carlsbad Caverns, started a blog, and began a YouTube channel that I kept up through most of the year. All in all…not bad.

However, now that 2014 is upon us, I’m in a thoughtful mood. What do I want my 2014 to look like? I’m not sure.

What I will say is that I’m not great at making resolutions. So a new year doesn’t necessarily inspire me to make outlandish promises to myself that I know I won’t keep.

Still, the new year is fresh, full of possibilities, and I can’t help but to be hopeful of what will come next. All I know is that 2014 will be my best year yet. It will be a year dedicated to self-improvement (in the broadest sense of the word). I know I’ll make mistakes and fall off the track along the way. However, if I’m better than I was in 2013, then it will all be worth it. Right?

So, what do you plan to accomplish in 2014?

My Graduation Bucket List

Now that I have successfully defended my dissertation, everyone keeps asking what I plan to do next. For right now, I just want to keep my plans simple and take time to relax. During the summer, I will develop more definitive and professional plans. So in no particular order, here’s what I presently plan to do: 

  1. Change my title on all mail and online profiles to Dr.
  2. Cook and eat “real” food again.
  3. Start working out and drop some weight.
  4. Clean my house from top to bottom.
  5. Return all university library books.
  6. Grow my nails out again. (They are bitten to the quick.)
  7. Shop ’til I drop or at least until the student loan repayments kick in.
  8. Watch all the movies I’ve missed in the last 4 years.
  9. Watch season 1 of Scandal.
  10. Hang out with my friends again.
  11. Have a party!
  12. Stay up all night for absolutely no reason.
  13. Sleep for a week.
  14. Sit in the sunshine for an entire afternoon for absolutely no reason. 
  15. Read books just for fun. 🙂