Urban Decay Flushed…Was a Flush…

Urban Decay Flushed...

In two words: not impressed!!! I was so sad when I swatched the Urban Decay Flushed pallette at Ulta this week. What a disappointment. None of the colors in the pallete showed up on me and I mean none. The pallette has a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. Going in, I expected tthat I wouldn’t be able to use the bronzer for it’s intended purpose. However, I wanted to try the pallette anyway because Urban Decay is well-known and renowned because it’s very pigmented shadows. As such, I expected no different from their new Flushed pallete. Boy was I delusional.

I’m a dark-skinned woman of color, but hardly the darkest on the color spectrum.  Likewise, I don’t expect all makeup to be universally flattering. However,  I was unprepared for anything Urban Decay to be a complete failure on me. I love all of their eyeshadow palletes and their setting sprays. Even though the colors may not have worked for my complexion, I at least expected them to be visible. Sadly, this might be the only Urban Decay product that is a complete bust for me and any other sistah that has a deeper tone than light beige. Even for those sistahs in the ivory range, I think they too would have to take a heavy handed approach to getting anything in the Flushed pallete to show up. Ultimately, my problem with the Flushed pallete is not that it does not suit my complexion, but the fact that it lacks overall pigmentation.

My universal test for a blush and highlighter is the one swirl rule (I’ve been spoiled by MAC products). I should be able to get a visible pick up of color in one swirl of a brush or finger swatch. Unfortunately, I had to continually rub the pallete using my index finger to even get a hint of color–even for the blush. I was appalled.

I’ve seen lots of rave reviews about the Flushed pallete, even from sistahs with darker complexions, but I’m confused. While I know what works for me may not work for someone else and vice versa–the hype is mystifying. For $30.00, I wouldn’t expect a high end brand to have so little color payoff. Sadly, the value isn’t there if one has to have such a heavy hand to get decent color.

Did anyone else have this same problem or is it just me? I’d love to hear your experiences. 😦


March Julep Maven Preview

Julep-March Collection

Julep-March Boho & BombshellJulep-March Classic with a Twist & It GirlJulep-March Modern Beauty

I thought I would take the time to share what the options are for this month’s Julep Maven box. I signed up for a Bombshell box when my profile quiz said I was Classic with a Twist. However, each month I never know which box I am going to pick. This month is particularly difficult. Is it just me or does the March box look a little meh? For some crazy reason, nothing is jumping out as a must have. Maybe it’s all the unopened polishes I’m still working on that has me hesitating to get more.  Right now, if I decide to buy a box this month, I am thinking about the Boho Glam box. If I skip this month, I think I will be doing a Sephora haul. Choices…choices…I feel so indecisive. Help!!!!!!!!! What should I do?

If you’re a Julep Maven, which box are you picking for March?