The Best Valentine’s Day Present is on its Way…


I know a lot of people think Scandal’s Kerry Washington was snubbed tonight at the Golden Globes when House of Cards’ Robin Wright (previously known best for her role as Jenny in Forest Gump) received the award for best actress in a TV Drama. However, I think the only people who are are shocked are the ones who haven’t seen House of Cards. While I love Olivia Pope, Claire Underwood’s character is grittier and akin to a modern day Lady Macbeth.

I literally stayed up all night to watch season one of House of Cards and not only is it more addictive than Scandal, but it’s more realistic, raw, and intelligent. In other words, House of Cards is everything Scandal used to be in its season one and simply lost because it is on network TV and chasing ratings.

While I definitely think Kerry Washington should be acknowledged for her acting prowess, especially for making the ABC network relevant again, sometimes it pays to be independent. Robin Wright’s more calculated role is fierce competition and less contrived than what Olivia Pope’s over-wrought emotional role is now shaping up to be. Let there be no doubt, I’m still rooting for Livvy and Fitz to get together, but I know the ABC network is going to drag the process out because there is little else to hold the show together. Simply put House of Cards is must see TV while my attention span is starting to wane with so many impossible plot twists and turns in Scandal. Weighing each show equally, I prefer House of Cards, but Scandal will do in the meanwhile.

Below is a preview to the season two premiere of House of Cards, which releases its entire season on Netflix on February 14, 2014. Can you think of a more perfect Valentines Day gift for a political drama junkie like me? I can’t wait to watch House of Cards….will you?