Dia&Co: A Plus Size Solution for Stitch Fix???

As a plus size woman, finding stylish clothes in El Paso is very difficult and I usually don’t have many options beyond Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, and Ross. Since I’m very busy and my options are so limited, I hate shopping and I only go when my best friend threatens my life. However, there may be a solution–Dia&Co.


Although they are not affiliated with one another, Dia&Co (a new plus size fashion subscription service) is essentially the plus size version of Stitch Fix. Since I had been dying to try Stitch Fix, but couldn’t since the company does not cater to plus size women (they carry sizes XS-XL only), I was ecstatic when I discovered a Dia&Co ad while surfing Facebook.

Dia&Co is a personal shopping experience created especially for plus sized women (sizes 14-32) and is not merely a fashion rental site like Gwynnnie Bee. For a $20.00 styling fee, you complete a few surveys and a box of (5) clothing items/accessories is shipped to you according to your specific tastes. If you like an item in the box, your $20.00 styling fee is applied towards your purchase. Additionally, there is a 20% discount for purchasing all the items. Unfortunately, if you return the entire box without making a purchase, your $20.00 styling fee will not be returned or credited.

Since the styling fee is non-refundable, I decided to do a little research on this new service before subscribing and was happy to find that nearly all of the Dia&Co unboxings on YouTube were positive. [Unfortunately, watching reviews on YouTube can sometimes be unreliable because many YouTubers base their perceptions from a free review box, so keep that in mind.] Even still, I was hopeful given the variety of stylish clothes that I saw in several of the videos and I decided to subscribe to find out for myself.

Here are a few Dia&Co unboxings that were helpful to me:

How it Works:

  1. Signup for an account at Dia&Co.
  2. Complete the online surveys. [You can give extra details about your style, body shape, and even share the link to your Pinterest board. You can also establish a price range of what you are willing to pay per garment. In addition, there are several places and opportunities in the surveys to share extra information with your stylist.]
  3. Fill out the payment section to pay your $20.00 Styling Fee.
  4. Wait for your stylist call. [Yes, I received the opportunity to speak to a real person for several minutes about my personal style and what I would like to receive in my box. Just make sure your number is correct in your survey or it can delay your call. Although I don’t know how sustainable it will be, this kind of customer service really brightened my day and made me feel extra special. BTW: Speaking with a stylist is not an option offered by Stitch Fix. ]
  5. Wait for your box. [My box was sent by 2 day USPS priority mail and it arrived quickly despite the Christmas holiday. More details about my first Dia&Co box will be provided in a full review soon.]
  6. Once your box has arrived, immediately open it and try things on. You will only have (5) calendar days before you must return the items you are not purchasing in the free postage paid mailer to avoid being charged for the contents of the entire box .
  7. Complete the “Rate Your Items” survey on Dia&Co and decide if and/or when you would like another box. Unlike many other subscription boxes, you do not need to commit every month to purchasing a Dia&Co box. You have the option of letting the company know when you would like a box at your discretion.


  1. Answer the surveys honestly about your body type.
  2. Create a Pinterest board so that you can have a fashion reference to talk with your Dia & Co stylist about. [It wouldn’t hurt to include a full profile picture of yourself so that the stylist is able to see your body type and make choices accordingly.]
  3. Go in with an open mind.
  4. Dia&Co garments may be more expensive than what you are used to at discount retailers like Ross & Marshalls. According to Dia&Co, the average per garment is usually about $50.00, so keep this in mind if you are especially budget conscious.

Does Dia&Co sound like something you are willing to try? If you have already subscribed to Dia&Co, please comment below and let me know what your experience was like. Stay tuned for a full review on my first Dia&Co box.

**This is not a sponsored post.**


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