Don’t Be Alarmed…Site Renovation in Progress…

Don’t be alarmed!!! I’ve been making site changes to improve my blog for my 1st blogging anniversary (January 28, 2014). Do you like the black bird nature background or would you be okay will a more clean approach to my blog? Of the three options, which would you pick 1, 2, 3 or 4? Option 1 is how my blog was originally. Right now, my blog is a hybrid between option 1 & 2 (option #4). However, I thinking of getting rid of the black birds and going with the fun and girly pink polka dots in option #2. I could also do a more minimalistic layout with option #3 and keep the blog fresh, clean, and elegant.

What do you think? I’d love your feedback. Please vote and let me know what you think. (Just click on each option to see an enlarged picture of each layout. Voting ends on January 11, 2014🙂

16 thoughts on “Don’t Be Alarmed…Site Renovation in Progress…

  1. I like 2 because of the simplicity and the polka dots. It makes it more feminine. I also like the easy to read font. I do like 3 but the font makes me look twice which to me distracts from the content. I would also cut out all the widgets that are not beneficial to navigating around your blog. I’m just a fan of simple because I think it makes your content pop. I have the sight layout and love how simple it is. I also like that I can highlight 1 or a few posts in the top. I also think adding small amounts of color helps. I remember in college I took a class about web design and statistically people are more interested in sites with simple use of color. It’s a mind thing. Obviously not neons but small amounts.

    Hope that helps


  2. Hi there! Just took your poll and agree that the background that would be the best and least distracting with the one with the polka dots – more girly and fits your content better. (I wasn’t quite sure if you wanted my advice on the look of your blog or the content…until I saw the question! LOL) I use a deep red background with a slight “curtain like” texture on mine because: 1. Red is eyecatching and 2. My content really pops from the page. I also keep my widgets to a minimum…I have advertisers, and my profile (which I need to shorten to make space for more advertising) and that’s pretty much it. I’m working on shortening my posts because they tend to be long.


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to give me valuable feedback. I cut a serious number of widgets and currently do not have any advertisers. I’m still in the process of revamping my site and hopefully I can make it more appealing. 🙂


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