Ending Sample Drawer Chaos

Are your samples looking something like this?


If so, I feel your pain and I made a decision to change this chaos into something far more manageable.  I took all of the above perfume sample packets and turned them into this very nice neat bundle. (Take a look below.)


When dealing with samples, often the paper packaging is not really necessary. Particularly when dealing with small vial perfume samples, you really don’t need the cardboard covers. These cardboard covers create so much unnecessary bulk to your sample drawer and you will still be able to identify your perfume samples. So recycle the cardboard instead because most foil packets and perfume sample vials like these have identifying branding information on them. (There are a few cardboard items I kept for ingredients information and/or attached coupons.)

To keep the perfume vials and foil packets organized after the cardboard removal, I used a sachet pouch to store all of my perfume samples and put all of my foil packets in an empty Glossybox. Now, I have more room in my sample drawer for other items. 


What do you think? How do you organize your beauty samples?

13 thoughts on “Ending Sample Drawer Chaos

  1. I store samples in the small plastic drawers from Walmart. The stackable drawers. Samples I know I don’t want I put in a small paper shopping bag ( like Nordstrom or Sephora bag) to hand to girlfriends when they come over.


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