Julep’s May Maven Jazz Collection

Julep-May Jazz Collection

Julep-May Boho & Bombshell

Julep-May Classic with a Twist & It Girl

Julep-May Modern Beauty

Wow!!! I am very impressed with Julep’s May Jazz Collection. They had me when I saw the lipstick trios. I am so excited about this box. I have skipped the last couple of Maven boxes because I thought they were rather meh. However, this month, I am definitely ordering a Maven box. For May, I selected the Bombshell Maven box. Honestly, I don’t really want the nail polishes this month; I just want the lipsticks. Even still, this box looks like a great value and a girl can never have too many lipsticks. šŸ™‚ I love Julep’s YouTube video for this lipstick collection. Click here if you want to see the lipsticks on real women.

So what do you think about Julep’s May Jazz Collection? Are you going to pass on a box this month or are you as excited as I am about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “Julep’s May Maven Jazz Collection

  1. I’m super excited about it too. I was honestly thinking about buying the New York set when they sent out the email a few days ago but I was waiting for the box preview in hopes that there would be a lipstick in the box. Then there was a whole set! Yay! I have It Girl down as my profile because I found out I was allergic to their foot cream and hand cream when I got some samples in a mystery box a long time ago and I wasn’t sure about their other stuff. I decided to try the new American Beauty profile because I used to have a brown sugar scrub from Bath and body work that I was obsessed with and I love the packaging for it. I noticed the scrub has shea in it, but I also recently realized my EOS lip balm has a little shea in it and I have used it for months with no problem. It might have something to do with the concentration of it. I sure hope I can use it because it looks amazing! I’ve wanted to try their mascara too and honestly I have a lip gloss around somewhere from a box last year that I can’t find. I never even opened the darn thing. I think my sister may have “borrowed” it when I was sharing my Julep polishes with her. Lol. I have skipped since the red carpet one and I kind of wished I had skipped it too because it had a holographic polish called Ginger that I was super excited about that ended up looking gray and non-sparkly. It was a bummer, and two of my products leaked in that box although I sent pictures and they replaced them right away. I wish the red lipstick wasn’t in both sets – I really want all of the lip sheers but don’t want a dupe of a red lipstick. I love red lipstick but I have an abundance right now!


  2. Julep can be hit or miss for me for month to month. I think I’m more interested in makeup than nail polish right now and I am on the verge of becoming a beauty product hoarder. I love, love samples. I wish they would make miniatures of everything. I just want to try everything. Looks like your Modern Beauty box is going to be awesome. I can’t wait for boxes to ship this month. Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled about the red lipstick in every box, but you never know. I know the bubble gum pink lip sheer is going to need a corrector on me. I’ll probably blend it with one of the other colors, but you never know. I am not a big fan of corrals because they usually don’t look good on me usually. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one though. I was tempted to get the Modern Beauty Box, but I just have way too much mascara right now. I’m drowning in it. I have tons of brand new mascara, just dying to see the light in my vanity. I just received a free one at Ulta in one of their beauty bags. I swear I just might cry if I get another. Bummer about the red carpet box and I, too, have gotten Julep boxes with leaking polish. My very first box had a leaking polish and they replaced it, but the polish was a different one since my original was out of stock. I still long for that Gloria polish because it was so pretty in the bottle. Shockingly it is a coral colored polish. LOL…maybe it just wasn’t meant to be and that was nature’s way of saving me from myself. šŸ™‚


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