Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

I’m so sorry that I’ve been missing in action this week, but I have amazing news. As of Tuesday, March 5, 2013, I have officially submitted my dissertation for commitee review. I will be defending in two weeks and I am so scared, excited, and tired. Can you say 276 pages of blood, sweat, and tears? I cannot believe my dissertation is so long. I am just so grateful that it’s completed. I will be buying my graduation invitations as well as my cap and gown next week. Please God let me pass my defense. Four years of sacrifice and it will be so nice to have Dr. in front of my name. ~Selah


14 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. CONGRATS! I know it’s impossible not to be nervous going into your defense, but assuming that your advisor is a reasonable person you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t ready. (They make you sweat anyway. I swear, it’s part of the hazing. 🙂 Anyway, Welcome to the Club!


  2. Congrats on your dissertation and on officially getting to be called a doctor! I went to grad school for costume design and technology. It was a finalized degree since there aren’t really costume doctors, but I know the hard work and determination those final projects and dissertations take. I came across one of your videos on Little Black Bag and loved your enthusiasm and knowledge about the products so I followed you on YouTube. It turns out we have a ton of things in common – I am a huge beauty fan and I love subscription boxes too. I look forward to chatting with you sometime, and I followed you on all your social sites so I’m sure you’ll hear more from me. Congrats again!


    • OMG!!! Thanks so much for the well wishes. Trust me the dissertation has been a roller coaster ride. Wow!!! A costume designer…I took a class in undergrad and it is unbelievably fun, but difficult work. Much respect for your profession. It looks like we have a lot in common. Thanks for checking me out on LBB. I haven’t had a haul since they changed the rules. Looks like they are changing them again next week too. I hope the chaos with the exchanges calms down. I’d like to get a bag soon, but the site is mostly shoes right now. 😦 I have big wide feet, so no LBB for me. PS. I am now following you on Twitter as well.


      • I wish I was currently working as a costumer but I gave up my dream job (where I was the assistant costume manager at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival) to follow my then-husband to Florida. After I had trained my replacement he told me that there wasn’t any room for me in his life since he had moved in with his girlfriend, It was crazy and awful, but I moved closer to home and in with my sister and eventually met my husband, so things really worked out for the best. There aren’t many (or any actually) costuming jobs here although I do some things consulting for friends occasionally. I currently work for Target doing presentation (setting up the store displays and merchandising) but I’m hoping I’ll find something better soon.

        I was on LBB for only about two months before things started to get crazy. My husband even opened a bag to buy a gift for me and for his mom’s birthday but when they started adding shoes and changing stuff every five minutes I was confused. I got a couple of bags from them that I didn’t care for, but I didn’t want to send them back and switch them for something that I could never trade away. I didn’t really understand the whole “gifting” thing or how people ended up with 40+ items in a bag and then wouldn’t trade with me even when I had offers that were double the value of the items I wanted. I haven’t opened a bag since they changed the pricing structure. I think it’s nuts that they had the big sale right before things changed and the same Vince Camuto bracelet that was a $14 add to bag item is now part of a $42.99 bundle. It just seems wrong (and I have big wide feet too so the shoes are out!)

        I just subscribed to GlossyBox when they had the Man Repeller box. (Which for some reason I kept calling the “Man Eater” box – Lol). I’m excited for this month’s box and I’ve been haunting makeuptalk reading about it. The Tigi blush looks nice, I just started Wantable last month and I was super impressed with their customer service. They have beaten all the other subs hands down when it comes to fixing issues. I used to do Birchbox but now I do Ipsy instead. I also do Cravebox occasionally and I am in love with Influenster because their boxes are full of free stuff. If you’ve never done it before I can send you an invite. The last box I got had lotion, sweetener, cookies, mouthwash, toothpaste, a toothbrush and Dickinson’s face wipes (which I know you’d love since I watched your empties video!) Everything but the cookies were full sized too. I also do BzzAgent, Smiley360, House Party and Crowdtap which all send you free stuff. I can give you links for those as well if you want. I think you would be really good at reviewing the stuff and they love video bloggers. I’ll pm you my email address on Twitter so I don’t take up your whole blog writing to you! 🙂


      • Michelle, I am so sorry that you gave up your dream for someone who wasn’t worthy, but I am glad that there was a silver lining to your story. I can’t imagine how horrible the whole ordeal must have been. You truly are strong. Your Target job sounds like fun, but I can understand you wanting to do something more in your field. Since you’re a costumer, do you sew some of your own clothing? When I took costume design and construction in undergrad, my teacher swore I was turning into a sweatshop worker; I was always in my studio making a dress or something. I really miss those days—I’m so busy now that I haven’t sewn in years.

        As for the LBB madness, I don’t know what to say or think. However, they are changing the exchange policy again and are going to open an exchange room online in addition to the normal gallery. I’m not sure how well that will work, but it sounds better than what they were previously doing. Plus, they are giving 50% increase to anyone who received merchandise credit. Here’s the link to the new announcement if you want to read it-. Personally, I am not a fan of the influx of shoes. There are a million sites that sell shoes. Little Black Bag seems confused about their branding and in the process are going to lose loyal customers. I’m really starting to wonder about the longevity of this company considering how many changes they have made lately. They need to project stability or they won’t survive. I got swindled on my first and only merchandise return. I had $200 dollars worth of items and only got $55 in merchandise credit. Not a happy camper at all about that. From what I can see, LBB is making a desperate attempt to increase their profit margin and decrease their overhead at the expense of their customers. Their current exchange policy is just plain unfair and defrauds customers of product. They should only apply their current policy to anyone requesting a cash refund—they shouldn’t penalize everyone because of a few unscrupulous people who are manipulating their loopholes.

        I’ve been a Glossybox subscriber for over 6 months and it is hands down my favorite beauty subscription. The Man Repeller box was amazing, but not as good as the December box. I hope the Tigi blush looks nice on my skin tone because sometimes blushes in subscription boxes look ashy on me. I have seen a few videos on Crave box and Wantable, and I used to have a Birchbox subscription. However, I rarely got a nice box with Birchbox. I recently signed up for Influenster and BzzAgent. BzzAgent asked me to do their Covergirl 3 in 1 campaign and I’m excited about that. I haven’t heard of Smiley360, House Party and Crowdtap. I would love invites to these programs though.

        PS. Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. I always appreciate comments. My blog is how I de-stress. 🙂


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