How’s that Humble Pie Tasting Miners?

How's that Humble Pie Tasting Miners?

Okay…I live in El Paso, but I’m an Aggie–an NMSU Aggie. And last night was the second game of the Battle of I-10 for basketball. I went with a couple of co-works who are die hard Miner fans because I love the rivalry. However, I ended sitting in front of two of the craziest hyper active Miner fans out there who trashed my beloved Aggies and had be to warned repeatedly to back off. LOL!!! Well…how’s that humble pie tasting fellas? Especially since you snuck out the stadium with your tails tucked before the last minute of the game was over. You knew what was up…the Aggies were going to win and win they did. And not by a measly point like the UTEP Miners did in the last game. (Haha…Yes, I love talking smack. Isn’t that the best part of the game?)

Well, anyway, it was a fun night and a very necessary break from this dissertation monster. I had a blast and it was fun to tease my co-workers after the victory.

So who’s your alma mater and are you a die-hard fan too?

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