Calling Little Black Girls the C-Word…

The Onion and the C-word1

I was having so much fun watching the Oscars, working on my dissertation, and checking my Twitter to see all the cool comments, when my night was ruined by a senseless and disrespectful comment by The Onion. I am so shocked. I am nearly speechless. I am so damn mad.

The Onion decided to call the youngest best actress nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis, a “cunt.” Yes…that’s what The Onion called a 9-year actress and tried to dismiss it as satire and wit.

Oh yeah, something is funky and smells alright. The Onion should immediately apologize for calling any young girl or woman this derogatory name. Seriously, when did this kind crude, disrespectful, defamatory, and infantile behavior become acceptable in society? And this is just dealing with the gendered aspect of their comment.  When coupled with the fact that Quvenzhané Wallis is a young African American girl, this disrespect is just too much to bear–especially in light of the racial undertones of this supposed joke. Can you honestly say that this is just a gendered incident when none of the other young Oscar nominees in the past have been subjected to such treatment?

Nonetheless, instead of apologizing like any decent company would, The Onion decided like the cowards they are to take the comment down from its Twitter account sans apology. I am so incensed. How can this be 2013 and we are still dealing with the same racist crap?

There are some on Twitter that say that African Americans are being too sensitive and missed the intended humor. Yet, I beg to differ. Often people disguise their “truths” under the veil of a joke. However, when something is racist you know it in your gut. I am not throwing out the race card carelessly or lightly. And anyone who wants to dismiss this as funny needs a reality check and a history lesson.  Even still, regardless of race, would you want your daughter, sister, niece or any woman you know called a c**t?

Please let The Onion know that this level of racism and disrespect to women is not acceptable. So here’s my call to action–please boycott The Onion and unfollow them on Twitter. You may also want to send a “nice” email to The Onion editors



An apology has been issue by The Onion on Facebook. Please see the screen shot of the apology below.

The Onion Apology


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