Chanel Dreams on a Tuna Fish Budget

Chanel Dreams on a Tuna Fish Budget

If you can’t tell already, I love purses. I’m not really fab at picking clothes and shoes, but accessories are my comfort zone. However, I have developed a really high-end fashion sensibility from watching way too many YouTube fashion hauls. Unfortunately, what has not developed is my means to acquire my fashion loves.

For the last eight months,  I have been lusting after a Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag in black lambskin. Yet, I have no idea how I am going to get the nearly $6,000 to purchase one. Even worse…probably by the time I save the money, the bag will cost double with the way Chanel keeps hiking their prices.

Since I am in graduate school, I have had to satisfy my fashion craving with far more affordable dupes. I have been eyeing a few bags at Baginc that look a lot like my Chanel love in lamb skin.In December, I even bought a bag from Baginc that closely resembles a Chanel 2.55 in caviar black.  (Yep…I even used a coupon.) Right now, it’s still wrapped up and waiting in the wings for a special occasion. I know it’s not the same, but a girl can dream right?

So what are you other budget fashionistas dreaming of?


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10 thoughts on “Chanel Dreams on a Tuna Fish Budget

  1. you know tj maxx sells a lot of cute bags, at least 50% off….really more.

    i knit a lot of pretty bags with this gorgeous european yarn, i never saw here.if i had a camera and knew how to use it………lol….i didn’t know how to fix the inside , so the handles stretch way too far down, but they are nice to look
    i could do 365 pictures of scarves too…


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