Two of My Favorite Makeup Brushes

Two of My Favorite Makeup Brushes

Just thought I’d share two of my favorite makeup brushes:

Sigma’s F50 Duo Fibre Brush-$20.00: I love this brush specifically for putting on my blush. I have other blush brushes I could use, but this brush is amazing at color application. With a swirl or two, I always get the right amount of product. Since, I’m a makeup beginner, I’m so glad that when I put on my blush, I always look natural instead of clownish. It’s easy to clean, despite it’s white spike head. Plus, it’s never shed on me. So, this brush gets a 5 🙂 rating.

E.L.F Studio Kabuki Face Brush-$6.00: You can’t beat the price on this brush. I got this brush at my Super Target while shopping this summer and have been hooked ever since. I use this kabuki brush to buff on my Makeup Forever Duo Matte powder and I love the results. Not only is this brush incredibly soft, but it evenly picks up and distributes an even layer of powder. Plus, this brush is pretty easy to clean. However, one of the drawbacks is that this brush takes a light-year to dry after you deep clean it (I recommend having a backup on hand). Also, this brush occasionally sheds. However, given that and the spectacular results at a drug store price, this brush gets a 4 🙂 rating.

So what are a few of your favorite makeup brushes?


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9 thoughts on “Two of My Favorite Makeup Brushes

    • Lord have mercy. Girl you need an intervention of the 1st kind. However, don’t feel too bad, For years I would buy makeup stuff and never use it and then throw it out. However, this summer I spent nearly the entirety of my vacation on Youtube trying to learn. I even built a vanity and it makes a world of difference. Right now, I don’t have tons of time to do my makeup each day, but I think I am a lot better at it than I was. What I have learned is that I don’t need as many brushes and tools as I originally thought. I have professional set of Sigma brushes, but I don’t need half of them at this phase of makeup application. What kind of makeup are you using?


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