Little Black Bag: Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

My February Little Black Bag arrived. I haven’t had a chance to film yet, but I couldn’t resist opening my box. Although I am crazy busy working on the last chapters of my dissertation, I couldn’t just leave you high and dry. So, in the meanwhile, I decided to share what I have learned since joining Little Black Bag.

So here’s my advice:

  1. Do your handbag and/or accessory research. Sadly, the pictures featured on Little Black Bag do not always show the true color of the items being sold. So check pictures at other online sites and/or check with other members to get a true understanding of what you are purchasing.
  2. Double check the proportions of the bag you want to purchase. I’m spatially challenged, so the mere listing of a handbag’s dimensions is not enough to help me imagine how large or small a bag will be. I usually use a measuring tape and map out the dimensions of the bag I’m interested in to make sure it works well with my frame, which is tall and plus sized.
  3. Better trading comes with time, so I highly recommend opening your Little Black Bag with the handbag or accessory item you really want. Then trade up the jewelry and/or bonus items you receive.
  4. Use the site’s chat room. Chat with others and share your profile. PS. This is where some of the best trading opportunities occur.
  5. Trading up in value is only helpful if the item you traded for is something you would enjoy if you couldn’t trade it any further.
  6. Be patient. Awesome trading usually takes time. Keep track of how many trading days you have left.
  7. Know the “real” trading value of the items in your bag. You can usually ask in the chat room  “What’s the high” of whatever item you are considering trading. Remember, trading value shifts constantly depending on the popularity and availability of the item you have or want to trade for. Also, be sure to get multiple perspectives on your trade value.
  8. Pay attention to your trade offers, this will tell you what items are hot and which are not. For example, if you see a certain jewelry item being traded by a number of members do your best to stay away if you’re trying to trade your items up.
  9. Since Little Black Bag is based in Canada, don’t be afraid to spend the extra $3.00 to get your bag and accessories sooner. Otherwise you’ll be waiting for your items to be delivered for at least two weeks. I’m kind of impatient that way…if I buy, I want to wear it ASAP. The extra $3.00 shortened my delivery time to less than a week and saved me a trip to the post office since you can direct UPS to just leave your package at your door without signature. (Hallelujah!!!)
  10. Remember, all’s fair in love and Little Black Bag trading. LOL!!! (Ok…maybe not everything is fair, so be nice to everyone.)

*This is not a sponsored post.

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