So, Verna is Justice…

OMG!!! This was the best episode of Scandal ever, but my heart is broken for Livvy. Where do you even start with an episode like this? I had a feeling Verna was going to sell Livvy out. Verna got her just deserts for a being an evil witch. She wasn’t trying to clear her conscious before she died, she just wanted to dish out a little comeuppance to Livvy.

And can you believe how fickle Fitz is? He can forgive Mellie for inducing her pregnancy and having the baby 4-weeks early, but can’t forgive Livvy for helping him, the man she loves and believes deserving, to get the presidency. Call me jaded, but men who “want to be good” are far more dangerous than those who have no desire to be.

Didn’t I say last week, Fitz would only love the easy version of Livvy? So now he wants to stay with Millie because she’s so “honest.” Really, Fitz? After all that begging you leave Livvy with nothing? See ladies…being the other woman sucks. (BTW: Doesn’t Shonda Rhimes seem to have a fascination with writing “The Other Woman” into her shows? Wasn’t Meridith, the other woman in Grey’s Anatomy before permanently landing McSteamy? You know what they say, people write what they know …hmmm.)

Anyway, I am so upset that Livvy’s one chance at normal (her would be life with Edison) is gone. I guess hell hath no fury like a President scorned. Relationships are hard enough and Fitz and Livvy’s is as complicated as it could possibly get. I heard once that “Love is giving someone the the power to destroy you and hoping they won’t.” And this episode of Scandal definitely tested the idea of this.

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode though. Now Fitz has secrets too. Can you believe he killed Verna just to stay President? Seems like he really is his father’s son. However, I can’t help being disappointed that he isn’t the once in a lifetime real deal “Jesus” candidate; he’s just a man who is more corrupt (if not more so) than this father. Nevertheless, it looks like Livvy won’t have to be lonely for too long and from the next show’s preview Fitz has competition. And you know men…they tend to want what they can’t have just for the challenge of it all.

Let’s see how long it will take for Fitz to come crawling back. And he will come crawling back to Livvy because the show needs the tension and generally men tend to be territorial. Further, Fitz wants to maintain the delusion that Livvy is his conquered territory. As such, I pray she makes him grovel for another chance. Hence the necessity for the dancing game that all men and women must play since being honest sometimes gets you mistaken for a fool. At this point, he hasn’t appreciated that her love for him is given so freely and easily. She told him in season one that he held all the cards and clearly Fitz has all the power in this relationship.

Oddly, though, breakups can be awfully freeing and empowering. And now, Fitz now has to learn a poignant lesson. He clearly doesn’t understand love (and maybe I don’t either).

However, the one character that may actually understand love is strangely the one I least suspected being capable of it. Cyrus finally showed all his cards and it’s good to see him human for a change. However, I was shocked that he was willing to have the love of his life, James, killed to keep him quiet. Cyrus was really walking the line tonight and I’m glad for once that his love overrode his ego and greed for power. Nevertheless it wouldn’t shock me that there’s a deeper darker reason for keeping James alive beyond love.

On the other hand, James apparently has a lot more cards up his sleeve than one would initially think and I can’t say I’m mad at his poker face. He lied to David Rosen like a rug. In the end, who wouldn’t do whatever they needed in order to protect hearth and home? James has stolen some of the power in his relationship with Cyrus and it was quite necessary. (BTW: I laughed my butt off when James made David Rosen look like a raving lunatic in the Grand Jury room and I ain’t mad at James for that.)

I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Can you?

2 thoughts on “So, Verna is Justice…

  1. Great review! I was on the edge of my seat during tonight’s episode of Scandal.

    I was not surprised that Cyrus ordered someone to kill James. Cyrus is a dangerous man, and in one episode, I heard him threaten the first lady. I was nervous for Livvy when she told Cyrus that she was going to the police, and reveal information about Hollis. He may not like being Secretary of State, but he is definitely the power behind Fitz’s throne.

    When Verna stated that she was meeting with the Federal Investigator, I was yelling at the television for Fitz to kill her, and he did! So, now, we see a different Fitz, who is willing to take others down in order to save his Presidency.

    Verna was not trying to clear her conscious. She was being a wicked witch, and wanted to destroy Fitz, and his Presidency, knowing that people he cared about were involved. After all, she did see Fitz kissing Livvy! Livvy was the only one who visited her in the hospital while she was ailing.

    I think Fitz will put on a different face, and a face not so naive. But, he definitely gave Livvy the cold shoulder at Verna’s funeral. I’m glad the show is introducing a new love interest for Livvy. Perhaps it will give Fitz some competition!

    I can’t wait until next week!


  2. LOL. Thanks so much for commenting. While I wasn’t shocked that Cyrus that hired someone to kill James, I was more surprised that he was hesitant and ultimately couldn’t go through with it. He must really be in love–thankfully. What is most interesting is that everyone, but Livvy had the most to gain from the voting rigging. All she wanted was for Fitz to be happy. Even though Livvy is in the wrong for being a mistress, her love for Fitz is in a way more pure. She had more to lose by him becoming president than she had to gain. Honestly, it breaks my heart to see Fitz become so corrupt and cold-hearted. Here’s my question…why would Verna be so upset to see Fitz kissing Livvy? Was Verna disheartened to discover that he was subject to human frailty? However, it’s great that Fitz is no longer so naive, but he’s an individual prone to extremes and more often than not he likes to play it safe. It would be nice for him to be more balanced. This episode was crazy good and I hope next week’s is equally as good. 🙂


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