They Need a Good Home

They Need a Good Home

These are some of the stray dogs that everyone at work has kind of adopted. Aren’t the puppies cute? And look at the Momma on the far right. Such a gorgeous picture I got this week of them.

At work, these dogs have become communal pets; we’ve all been feeding them and the puppies are getting bigger each day. Each morning they show up at work and make the rounds from one end of the buildings to the other to get fed.

I wish I could take them all in, but I can’t handle (4) dogs. I’m not even sure I can take care of myself let alone several dogs. And it just wouldn’t be right to break up their happy family by adopting only one since they always show up together. Not only are the dogs beautiful, but they are the most mild mannered and gentle in nature-especially considering that they are strays.

Each day, I look forward to seeing them when I get to work and I worry that they will get hit by a car or bus. So far, the dogs have been lucky. I just hope they don’t get picked up by the pound and euthanized. They are one of the sometimes few bright spots in my day.

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