Meh Episode of Scandal…

I got my dose of Scandal and I’m bummed. It was completely missing the romance element that has really drawn me over the last several weeks.

I don’t like watching depressing TV and I can’t believe Fitz is willing to jeopardize his presidency for Olivia. Even if Fitz is oblivious to the politics of race and matrimony in America, Cyrus is not and told him straight up that America nor the Republican party is color blind. Nevertheless, it looks like Fitz wants to push forward on the divorce (SMH). On top of that, Olivia is a depressed and emotional mess on this episode, so I can’t identify with her.

Mellie, on the other hand, is playing nearly the last card she has–having her baby early. I wonder if she bribed the doctor to induce labor…I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. I just hate her scheming nature, but I was kind of rooting for her since she’s in the 1st wives club.

I’m a woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage and although it clearly seems that Fitz and Livvy are in love, I am not on the band wagon that thinks all’s fair in love and war. Mellie helped build the man that Fitz is, even if he no longer enjoys the process. At this point, I’m really starting to think the bullet wound really did scatter Fitz’ brain if he thinks he can divorce an 8-months pregnant 1st lady and marry his black mistress. Clearly the character of Fitz has Jeffersonian delusions to think that this is going to fly and a near death experience will seem like nothing from the political/social backlash he’s signing up for with this course of action.

Mostly, what I wonder is will Fitz still love Livvy when he finally discovers her role in the election rigging. I guess it always easier to “seem” perfect when you’re the other woman. However, that shine’s going to tarnish fairly fast when the reality of the “real” woman clashes with Fitz’ illusions of Livvy. I’m still not convinced that what they have is lasting versus an exciting infatuation. (Though it’s a complete conflict with my values, I still love the romance between them though.)

Overall, this week’s episode was pretty meh. I hope next week’s episode is a lot better. I’ve got questions burning in my head and I’m dying to know whether Mellie’s baby is really Fitz’. Seriously, the way her character has been developed thus far, I wouldn’t put it past Mellie to have an affair, get pregnant, and pass the baby off as Fitz’ to keep him. I didn’t forget she faked a miscarriage to gain the sympathy of the public during Fitz’ election campaign. Also, I wonder if Livvy is really going to jeopardize her realistic future with Edison on the whim of a fantasy with Fitz. At the end of the day, Fitz is not really going to leave his wife and I’m not sure the show could function even if his character did. As an audience, I think we like that tension caused by that which is forbidden, imprudent, and taboo.

(BTW: it hasn’t escaped my attention that I’m writing about these TV characters like they’re really of major importance or even real people. LOL!!!)

16 thoughts on “Meh Episode of Scandal…

  1. lol..they are important.. i don’t know if she bribed the dr., but she did something to her, yelled, blackmailed or bribed…
    what i don’t understand is after all the torture huck went through and that evil ( hit man) girl killed the family he cared about, how huck could love her…


    • Lol. I bet next week’s episode will be really good. I am positive Mellie did something to get the doctor to deliver the baby early. And then again, maybe the doctor was persuaded simply because “the 1st lady” of the nation was asking her.

      Huck is the character I am the most afraid of and have the most sympathy for. I can’t believe Becky aka Kate killed “his family.” She’s a psychopath. However, if Hollis didn’t pay for Fitz to be assassinated, then who did? Do you think Hollis is going to be killed off in the next episode?

      BTW: Cyrus looks like he’s about to become a major threat to Livvy. I don’t trust him any more. What do you think?


  2. mellie is not far from a psychopath herself…i was thinking the same as you – she could just persuade the dr. by asking…
    i knew when huck went to the house and it was dark, what that evil becky had done.

    i wish someone would kill hollis.

    i was thinking the vice president possibly or the judge, hired becky ,but i see people saying mellie and that makes sense…


    • I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Mellie was behind this plot to assassinate Fitz and if she wasn’t, I bet she wishes she did. If it wasn’t Hollis, then who will benefit the most with Fitz’s death. All hands are pointing to Sally Langston. Sistah friend was quick to land on the White House lawn when Fitz was shot. I’m not sure I want Hollis killed. His story-line could prove interesting if he stays. He creates a lot of tension that makes watching Scandal worth it. Yeah, the dark and quiet house was a surefire clue that the family was killed by Becky. That was so sad-especially when you saw the mom’s body trying to still protect her child. 😦 The writer works with a former White House adviser who worked with the George H.W. Bush. However, the more and more I watch, I’m starting to wonder if this show is really hinting at some kind of romantic relationship between George Bush and Condoleezza Rice. When I say this, my mom thinks I am seriously tripping.

      And if you don’t think that it’s a possibility, check out this Wikipedia link under the Early Political Career about Condoleezza Rice and the part where she takes a year off from school to serve as an adviser for Bush Sr: . This smacks (though loosely) of Olivia Pope and maybe there are aspects of the show based on Rice.


  3. would you believe your reply stopped right at george bush and.
    i had to come here to see and…i would not put anything past him. i would believe that.
    yes mellie probably wishes that now, after the word divorce, if she didn’t do it.

    i don’t like tension.i want that murderer hollis killed.


    • Lol. Wow..that’s so cool that my comment stopped at George Bush. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did cheat since many past presidents have. Yeah, Mellie might want Fitz assassinated for wanting a divorce. However, she doesn’t want have to move out of the White House like they did Jackie Kennedy. She will keep him alive as long as it’s convenient to her. As for Hollis, I think he’s a cat with 9 lives …they’ll keep him in the plot even if they kill him here, they can write him into scenes about the past to have him create chaos.


  4. yes a lot of politicians who are narcissists, sociopaths, do whatever they want. they don’t care about anyone but themself.
    that is true mellie would keep him alive as long as it was good for her…
    they do love to go into the past, don’t they.


    • Yeah…a lot of politicians have a Jesus complex. And in part it’s society’s fault because we make them think they can walk on water. So in essence perception becomes reality. As for the show going into the past, you’re darn tooting they do—and a lot. It’s actually one of the things I like about the show. That is also one of the reasons why I think killing off Hollis will only put his character in multiple flashbacks on the show. Mellie on the other hand makes me think of certain women in politics who use their presidential husbands as puppets. These men are mold-able and are only in office because their wives were too scared (and rightly so) of public and gendered perceptions to run themselves. (BTW: This is the coolest discussion ever about a TV show…most of the time I never get to really share what I think.)


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