This Was a Do-rag Don’t

It never fails that something always goes crazy when you’re running late for work. And for me, today was no exception.

I overslept and woke up to hair hell–an extra tangled, dry frizzy mess of semi waves and wannabe curls. Why oh why God did I give up my relaxers? I could have been in silky hair heaven, but oh no I had to be health conscious and choose natural hair. On a bad hair day like this, I start to seriously rethink my anti-creamy crack hair mantra. I mean do scalp burns really matter when you can avoid crazy hair days like this? SMH…Yes, I’m tripping.

Well anyway…long story short…I did what I always do…I went straight for the brown protein gel and an elastic band (my lifelong bad hair day get out of jail card that my mother hates). I slicked my hair back, but the frizz just didn’t get the memo and lie down. Oh no…every frizzy strand decided to forge a full on assault, so I had no choice but to slap my do-rag right back on my head for the drive to work. (This method never fails to smother all the frizz.) Only in doing so, I broke the cardinal Black woman commandment: “Thou shall not leave thy house in thy do-rag.”

Yeah…I did it and got busted even before I could completely back out of the driveway. Clearly, I am not a pro at being inconspicuous. As it just so happens, my neighbor Mr. S wanted to give me a calendar as a thank you (ask me about my happiness project later). Unfortunately, I did not see him when I was backing out the driveway and he nearly scared me to death.

Sadly, it was not until after he had handed me the calendar that I realized what horrific deed I had done. I had left my do-rag on in public. (Jesus, please take the wheel.)

I guess the end justified the means and all that really counts is that the frizz died by the time I arrived at work. Too bad the embarrassment of it all lasted all day. I really need some bad hair day intervention. I can’t even imagine what my neighbor must think of me now. Sometimes, it’s tough being part of the 1% in El Paso. Just two weeks ago a kid ran up and touched my hair like I was part of a Black in America exhibit. SMH…

So, how do you deal with a bad hair day?

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