Caught Sleeping…

How did it happen? How is it that everyone else in the world knew about Scandal but me? I am so glad that my favorite TV writer, Shonda Rhimes, is back and better than ever. For a while I had to unfriend Shonda because Grey’s Anatomy was just too outlandish and nonsensical to me. And after watching Facebook blowup for weeks on end raving about the awesomeness that is Scandal, I broken from my normal watch whatever comes on after the Vampire Diaries routine to give this show a shot. OMG!!! I am so in love. Who knew…(umm everyone else on planet earth apparently)?

I am such a romance novel fan and to see a show with real romance…wow!!! The only thing that bites about the show is that Olivia is in love with a married president. 😦

IImage guess somehow the forbidden is more interesting and I love how they worked the Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson line into one of the episodes I watched online. Seriously, this show has everything…political intrigue, romance, and a crazy number of believable plot twists.

In all the time that I have read romance novels, I never thought that I would grow to love an interracial romance. However, Scandal sizzles with chemistry and I can’t get enough. In all honestly, I am kind of surprised that an interracial romance this prominent hasn’t drawn a certain level of controversy and outrage from the general public.

I guess with a two-term African American president, maybe the nation is a lot more progressive than I originally thought. Love is love right? And on this show, it’s so easy to hate Fitz’s cold and power-hungry wife. Her calculating nature makes it oh so easy for everyone to root for Livvy and Fitz.

So far, I am so loving this show. I used to love Thursdays because it was the day Vampire Diaries came on, but now I live for Thursdays to get my dose of Livvy and Fitz.

This show gets my (5) happy face 🙂 approval. Check it out!

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